We believe that better business decisions are forged in workflows that favour accuracy over precision -  testing large ranges of possible outcomes, fast, to better understand and capture those black swan events


Hutton Property Modelling

Available on the Petrel E&P Platform, HUTTON is designed to make the process by which we identify trends and populate our reservoir grids with continuous properties intuitive, efficient and geologically sound

HARI - Cloud native Cognitive Decision Framework

HARI will generate and analyze massive geomodel ensembles in near real-time, identifying and clustering groups of similar scenarios along the way to reduce computational costs while retaining the integrity of the uncertainty space


Set the project objectives, metrics and data. Layout the work steps and define their dependencies



Begin generating the ensemble space, using Cognitive Geology’s TrendAware algorithm, a 3rd party technology, or algorithms of your own



Identify and cluster similar scenarios using machine learning to compress the number of simulations without compromising fidelity



Compute business metrics for all relevant scenarios – confident that you’ve captured the “black swan” events


Be a part of the Journey

We are seeking industry partners to collaborate on development of the innovative machine learning approaches utilized in the REFINE step of the HARI workflow.