Understanding the correlation between geological process and data takes precedence over precision.

Hutton reduces oilfield investment uncertainty by extracting progressive trends from complex geological datasets.

At first glance, geological data may appear to have very few distinct patterns, due to the overprinting of many different geological processes over millions of years. Hutton helps the geologist identify and sequentially remove the effects of the various geological processes, resulting in a vastly reduced range of uncertainty.

Hutton works alongside your geologist, capturing the statistical evidence of each interpretive decision made during the property modelling process and breaks down the myth that every possible scenario is equally probable.

Observed data are automatically interrogated for typical geological behaviours. When trends are evident in the observed data, the system presents the observed data back to the end user, to decide whether to accept or adjust the trend.


The patented TrendAware technology will explore every possible combination of trends and rank the results according to probability.  The cumulative evidence of each component is stacked to calculate an overall weighting.

The CDF interface allows representative scenarios and the range of possible outcomes to be assessed.  The user selects representative scenarios on the CDF curve and exports the property values back to the grid.