revolutionising Property modelling


Hutton marks a step change in scenario-based uncertainty management in geological property modelling. 


We believe the greatest area of geological uncertainty lies between your wells, and so we designed Hutton to help you explore alternative ways to explain how reservoir properties vary away from well control.

Hutton analyses your field data for evidence supporting five common geological trends (depositional, dip & strike, burial, stratigraphic cyclicity, and correlative property relationships), and helps you build alternative background models to explain the observational data.

You can use our innovative visualisation engines to help you build your own interpretations, or you can let Hutton estimate your scenarios for you. Hutton comes with in-built geological logic to seek out your low-mid-high scenarios. Economics are important too, so we automatically compute the impact of your interpretive choices on the end volumetric result.

We track the evidence supporting alternative interpretations, as we believe that just because two alternative scenarios are possible, doesn’t mean they’re equally probable. This gets rolled into the final field volumetrics, allowing you to make a more informed choice of which models should be run in dynamic simulation.

Don’t rush to a precisely wrong answer, let Hutton help you explore the accuracy of your interpretive decisions in property modelling.


The ability to build multiple scenarios and compute volumes quickly, plus being able to visualize the chosen 3D model is unique to the industry


James Hutton (1726  – 1797)

James Hutton (1726 – 1797), commonly known as the Father of Modern Geology, made an observation of an outcrop near Edinburgh that changed the way that we perceived the world. Paying homage to his insight, we have named our first software product after him.