Hutton workflow vs traditional property modelling


Petrel E&P Software Platform*

Compared to the traditional methods of modelling petrophysical properties, the Hutton workflow is nearly 10x quicker and involves at least 9x less user actions to complete a geologically sound property model.

See the comparison below for a demonstration of this for one realisation of one property. Scaled up across an organisation, uncertainty analyses and multiple properties and models, time and productivity benefits can be profound.

          Petrel platform                   JewelSuite         Hutton
Workflow time 5-10 minutes 5-10 minutes 30-40 seconds
Mouse clicks +200 +200 5-8
Uncertainty management Algorithmic post-process Algorithmic post-process Scenario-based, integrated
Generate model range Manual Manual Automatic, percentiles
*Mark of Schlumberger
JewelSuite is a trademark of Baker Hughes