Hutton 2.0 is now available on the Ocean Store!


This week marks the release of version 2.0 of Hutton Petrophysical Modelling!

The Petrel E&P Software Platform* version of Hutton 2.0 is now  available through the Ocean* Store, and can be found here.

A number of new features are included in this release, including (but not limited to) clipping of output data, clipping of input data, speed improvements for large models and extensions to the TrendAware™ process. 

Get in touch at at for details on how to start an evaluation!


OCEAN STORE Availability

Evaluations and purchases for Petrel platform can now be made through the Schlumberger Ocean Store


Input clipping

Values can now be clipped to user-defined limits before starting the detrend process, by using drag-handle limits or simply typing them in


Output clipping

Values to be written back to the grid can be restricted to certain values before the Hutton property model is exported



TrendAware™ is less likely to be dominated by a single lead trend process before presenting the user the most likely detrending options


*Marks of Schlumberger