Our team has over 200 years' experience in the oil industry.

We also all wear the same jackets. 



Luke is a geologist with over 15 years international oilfield experience across various technical and management roles. Luke began his career in Australia as a research scientist, before joining Chevron Australia in 2005. Within Chevron, Luke’s technical ability and business acumen had him leading the Southern Africa Strategic Business unit reservoir management team by the age of 30, comprising petrophysicists, geophysicists, geologists and data management professionals.

Luke left Chevron to develop his own opportunities, eventually founding and seed funding Cognitive Geology in Scotland, with the intention of developing pragmatic software solutions to pain points he encountered in his career.





Through his 42 years of oilfield experience, working with some of the world’s leading companies including BP and Shell, Peter is a recognised thought leader in petroleum geosciences. An innovative person by nature, Peter has been at the forefront of technology development throughout his career, from the foundation of digital geological modelling to setting Shell’s global corporate standards for geological mapping and working with Shell on advanced modelling techniques including the introduction of realistic 3D structural modelling and the integration of discipline interpretations in geological modelling. Expert Petrel and Jewel suite user as well as other systems.

Peter is the embodiment of the geological “domain expert”. His critical review of all aspects of our software ensures that our products are as pragmatic as they are powerful, directly addressing the key pain points of the end user within our customers’ business units.




With nearly 2 decades of commercial development experience, Alex leads our technical team as CTO. A full stack developer, with skills across the board, Alex brings vision to our code architecture, and excellence to its execution. Alex is an expert in C# and .NET, and has been trained by world experts in the Agile methodology for rapid commercial software development. An early employee of Skyscanner, Alex is well versed with setting a framework capable of scaling, whilst growing world-class software development teams




A PhD in Evolutionary Computation, and over a decade’s experience delivering innovative statistical and AI based solutions to clients in Finance and Healthcare, Mark leads our data science activities. Since joining Cognitive Geology, Mark has brought a whole new level of data analytics rigour to our software solutions.

Eileen McLaren

Eileen McLaren

VP of Software Engineering

A specialist in scaling engineering teams, Eileen joins the Cognitive team to help take us from startup to global supplier. Eileen was instrumental in helping grow the teams at Skyscanner and Fanduel, and also spent time with ThoughtWorks - the leading agile delivery services company - helping their clients evolve engineering teams.

Eileen uses here coaching skills in helping develop people and teams, and believes in balancing growth with the ever present delivery demands on the engineering team.



Fiona is a facilities engineer with over 14 years’ experience in the oil & power generation industries. A detail-orientated, financially astute project manager, Fiona managed several multi-million-dollar engineering programs for Chevron in Australia and Angola, delivering the projects safely and in a cost effective manner.

As business manager for Cognitive Geology, Fiona manages the company’s business processes, financial models and HR function, to deliver on the longer term strategic financial decisions. Fiona also serves as Finance Director for the Board.




Drew is a geologist with a long history of marketing the industry’s leading geological software products and warranting sales closures to major oil companies.

Drew spent the past 18 years at Schlumberger, in a variety of technical and non-technical roles including Product Marketing Manager for the Reservoir Modeling (Petrel™) and Reservoir Simulation (ECLIPSE™) software portfolios. Drew knows the breadth of the industry, and has worked with most of the significant vendors in his 25-year oilfield career, including WesternGeco, Halliburton Landmark, Smedvig Technologies and Stratamodel.

As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, North America, Drew is responsible for establishing new business partnerships with clients and to drive Cognitive Geology’s growth through the delivery of innovative software solutions to our clients.


Product Quality manager

Bjorn is both an experienced geoscientist and a software product manager. During his career, he has led a number of multi-million-dollar geoscience projects and rapidly rose to Chief Geologist position for AngloAmerican Platinum PLC where he led a team of geoscientists on a mine with over 5,000 employees. Bjorn was head-hunted to help lead software development of technology generated by the Leeds University spin-off, RDR. After RDR was acquired by Schlumberger, Bjorn operationally managed a team of software engineers in delivering software to the market. He was responsible for providing technical and geological guidance in the development of innovative solutions with a focus quality assurance of commercial software releases.

Bjorn leads our quality management efforts, acting as the essential bridge between customer-led demands and software development, to ensure that products are delivered which meet the specified requirements, and are built to the quality standards expected by our customers.



Recently retired after 37 years in BP, after spending the first 2/3rds of his career in developing some of the North Sea’s largest oilfields, Roger rounded out tenure leading BP’s geoscience and reservoir engineering software technology group. He championed BP’s assessment and deployment of Schlumberger’s Petrel platform, retiring after the project was successfully in the deployment phase.

We employ Roger’s experience in assessing the commercial need for specialist software products in the role of Decision Executive, prior to internally funding new product lines. Roger helps our team conduct market validation of their innovations, to ensure we are building products our customers want to use.



Laurence is a professional director, chairing three oilfield technology companies and residing as Non-Executive Director of three others. With 37 years’ petroleum engineering experience, including leading the sale as CEO of EPS to Weatherford in 2004, Laurence has helped develop entrepreneurial companies for the best part of two decades.

Laurence brings a wealth of industry knowledge and professional connections to the Cognitive Geology Board, and has been central in the development of our corporate growth strategy.

Margaret coughtrie

Non-Executive Director

A Chartered Financial Accountant with an MBA, Margaret has been involved with hundreds of IPO over 20 years of portfolio management in the City of London and Canada. Margaret is an experienced Non-Executive Director with a focus on merger & acquisitions, often leading the Boards analysis and deal structuring.



Sotirios is a very experienced software engineer and strong algorithmist. Having started programming at the tender age of just 6, he has more than 20 years’ experience in scientific and business software development, in just about any imaginable application scenario.

With a strong passion for all-around computing technologies, “Sots” (as he likes to be called), is the Wozniak of Cognitive Geology … we throw him the unsolvable tasks, and he gives back commercial solutions.



Paul is one of our senior developers, with over 20 years’ experience delivering commercial products to market. A full-stack developer, with particular strengths in the Microsoft technology stack, Paul is proficient in delivering software solutions ranging from desktop to web to resilient distributed systems.

Mike Stewart Senior Software Engineer



Mike has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and a MSc in Computing – and for the past 20 years has been combining the logical critical thinking developed for the former, with the creativity needed for the latter, to deliver commercial software for a variety of scientific institutes.


Keegan Benallack

Geologist & Executive Assistant

Having originally joined Cognitive Geology on an internship following his MSc in Integrated Petroleum Geoscience, Keegan will now be taking up a permanent role focussing on product support and innovation delivery. 

Keegan is familiar with the inner workings and day-to-day business functions of the company,  and will also support the business unit as Executive Assistant to the CEO.


Chief marketing officer

Since founding his first marketing business at 26, Brian Corcoran has been operating at the cutting edge of digital marketing for over a decade.

Brian is an experienced leader and a marketing generalist: he has a wide breadth of core knowledge across many overlapping disciplines in digital marketing, with a deep knowledge, experience and ability in a few key ones. Those deeper disciplines are chiefly around inbound marketing and lead generation.


Chief Financial OfficeR

For the past 18 years, Rob has specialised as an early-stage CFO consultant – and having helped several startups from concept to successful businesses, it is unfair to call him a chartered accountant – he is a true numbersmith.