• Cognitive’s patented TrendAware™ technology is the first step in its scenario based approach to uncertainty management.
  • TrendAware™ automates the process of continuous property modelling by detecting geological processes and trends within the underlying data-set.
  • This process involves the interrogation of available oilfield data to identify a range of plausible depositional and diagenetic patterns to rapidly construct up to 320 different low frequency (trend) models, before automatically selecting and fitting the optimum 3D variography parameters.
  • Trends in depth, dip, strike, stratigraphy and against a correlative property are included as standard. However, the method is extensible to any number of possible trend vectors, with a mathematical approach adaptable to avoid over-fitting.


  • The methodology is extensible to different data types and forms of quality assessment.
  • The result is a model ensemble containing a greater range of geologically plausible scenarios that are anchored to a base case model.
  • This allows a user to model a large number of geologically sound models at the click of a button, removing the need to create a base-case model.