Under uncertainty, precise answers are just not that useful

Hutton geological modelling software was born out of frustration as geoscientists with the existing uncertainty management tools and our belief that a better way was possible.

Hutton emulates the experience and intuition of a seasoned geologist in constructing geological models. Leveraging a library of anticipated geological behaviors, the system interacts with the end user, drawing on their geological insight, to help construct evidence-based models of the subsurface.

Using patented technology, Hutton helps the modeller quickly and robustly define alternative scenarios, while calculating the relative probability of individual discrete and continuous property models.

Hutton represents the most significant advance in geological property prediction in over 20 years.


Built by geologists, for geologists


We have built Hutton to help oilfield geologists do their job better, to get more accurate results and optimize the assets that they are managing.



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